Isabelle Beauchamp
Organic Shapes, 2023
3D prints, bronze paint, printed image

Shown at Phillips Auction House for Textured Memo’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”  

“Using images and 3D scans, Organic Shapes explores how the female form exists alongside the rise of technology. As our digital identities become more significant, we must look at how our bodies morph with this transition. Taking inspiration from the 19th-century Art Nouveau movement, this project brings the digital to the physical; the modern to the traditional.

This project uses 3D prints of the artist’s body and other natural shapes to question how we exist across this new evolution. Paired with images, the blend of mediums weaves a thread, exploring questions such as: how does the natural world interact with technology? As we move back and forth from the digital realm to the physical, how do our bodies change? With the fast-paced digital world becoming more prominent, how do we immortalize our physical selves?”